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Chicago Blackhawks Open New Practice Facility

The Hawks’ new practice facility at the MB Ice Arena features 2 RapidShot Pro lanes and 2 RapidHands. Read more.

Kane said "You'll go in there and be like you're a young kid competing with your buddies again at the arcade. But you're actually improving your game and working on your game at the same time."

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Congrats to Notre Dame, long time users of RapidShot, for making the 2017 Frozen Four. Team MVPs Bjork, Oglevie and Morrison have over 22,000 combined shots on RapidShot.

2 RapidShot Lanes, Right and Left Passing, at University of Notre Dame!

Penn State Joins Elite NCAA Hockey Programs! Big Ten Champs!

Evan Klein

Player to watch! Steadily climbing the global rankings at age 13. Full profile and interview

Watch the Canucks’ Sedin vs. Sedin battle it out on RapidShot.

The Pittsburgh Penguins Install RapidShot At UPMC Sports Complex

The new training facility includes a 1,500 square-foot hockey skills training area which features a RapidShot PRO, 3 RapidHands, and a RapidTrack!

Toronto Maple Leafs Train On RapidShot Pro

Jordan Eberle,

The Top Canadian World Juniors Player of the Past 40 Years says “RapidShot is great for your release, great for your accuracy. I think those are the two biggest things. If you can get shots off quick and accurate you’re going to be a better shooter.”

Ryan Kesler

Anaheim Ducks forward, US Olympian and Selke Trophy winner, “RapidShot has helped not only my shot accuracy but also my reaction time. There is nothing out there like this... I use RapidShot because it works!”

View how Canucks use science and biomechanics to maximize training with RapidShot.

The Ohio State University gets Rapid

See the RapidShot Pro at Penn State Pegula Ice Arena.

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RapidShot World Rankings

Updated every hour. Click row for detailed statistics by Age Group.

Monthly Shot Meter
Rank Name Shots
1 Jaromir Ermakov 3826
2 Aleksandr Shemyakin 2616
3 Nikita Chalkov 2459
4 Dmitri Martyanov 2406
5 Timofey Kalinin 2269
6 Misha Voynov 2195
7 Danila Levashov 2145
8 Fedor Ionin 2143
9 Misha Cheremnih 2019
10 Max Sannikov 1786
11 mark Dubrovskiy 1748
12 Kirill Mazhuhin 1732
13 Matvey Karpov 1661
14 Timofey Yashkin 1655
15 Katie Kaufman 1645
16 Bondarenko Maxim 1623
17 Mark Morokov 1614
18 Hunter Ncwana 1610
19 Denis Tulaev 1600
20 Nikita Charlamov 1578

Top Ten Shooters
Rank Name Points
1 Joshua David Desmarais 818.6
2 Ryan Bradway 781.8
3 Adam Payerl 761.0
4 Evan Klein 741.4
5 Martin Zabransky 727.7
6 Ty Black 726.1
7 Jason Polin 710.3
8 Joey Saraceni 703.9
9 Quinn Schrader 702.5
10 Kyle Haak 695.9


Number One Ranking Males
Age Grp Name Points
Over 35 Sean Gilmour 590.1
20-35 Joshua David Desmarais 818.6
18-19 Joey Saraceni 703.9
15-17 Ryan Bradway 781.8
13-14 Evan Klein 741.4
11-12 Raine Hodge 601.1
9-10 Charlie Paquette 553.4
Under 9 Dmitriy Samoylenko 502.6

Number One Ranking Females
Age Grp Name Points
Over 35 Lori Gabel 171.1
20-35 Carly Payerl 483.3
18-19 Loren Gabel 565.4
15-17 Katie Kaufman 577.2
13-14 Katie Kaufman 416.2
11-12 Clara Van Wieren 338.6
9-10 Kelly Maksymiu 257.3
Under 9 Taylor Boddy 147.3

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