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For the Elite Team Owner/Coach. Top Pros Use RapidShot.

“There is nothing out there like this... I use RapidShot because it works!” Ryan Kesler, Anaheim, Ducks.

If your mission is to build the best hockey program possible, then consider this elite training tool! NHL teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Buffalo Sabres, as well as top college teams have included RapidShot in their training protocol.

NHL players/trainers and managers vouch for it’s effectiveness in aiding muscle memory, getting more goals, even recouperating from injury.

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Business and Revenue Opportunities

For the Hockey Training Center: Click here for one owner's story.

" .....I want to start off with telling you again how much I love the machine and what a great tool it is. We have had it for a while now and I started to take it for granted. However, now I am back with the little guys (98s), with 17 kids that have never been in the machine I am reminded already after 4 months what a great training tool this is. I can already see a dramatic improvement with there technique, shot and receiving of the puck. ." Head Coach/Trainer, Mike Hamilton, Honeybaked, Detroit, MI

Players can go to many places for training. Parents have to make a choice! Nothing on the planet will allow your players to improve their shooting like RapidShot.

Imagine shooting 400 pucks in half an hour-now that’s efficient! You can build your revenue base by charging per session. In addition, your players can receive a report card, every day, generated by our proprietary software. Add some of your coaching to the mix and you’ll see results virtually immediately. Results that are measurable - that’s what parents and players wants to see!

Opportunities for advertising revenue and cross promotion on RapidShot space.

For the Entrepreneur:

“So many compliments… so many kids want to shoot and shoot and they get better. Is it possible to set up a monthly shot meter for my site only? You need a positive reference to a possible lane owner send them my way.”

If you’ve been looking for a new business that involves hockey, you should consider RapidShot. By buying or leasing a shooting lane and installing at/or near a local rink, you’ll be creating an elite training tool as well as an entertainment highlight.

Consider a revenue sharing agreement with the local rink owner, taking a share of the revenue and making significant returns on your investment. Call for more details!

For the Retailer:

About one third of RapidShot placements have now been in retail stores. Why?

RapidShot makes your store a unique buying experience, increasing traffic and time in the store for more purchases. It gives the retailer another opportunity to provide in depth product knowledge, and advice in making product selections, especially in the lucrative hockey stick market.

RapidShot has the patented Stick Testing Mode that collects shooting data on up to 4 sticks. By comparing reaction time, speed and accuracy players and parents walk away with an informed purchase that they cannot make at any other location! They will know how lie, flex and curve style will affect their shooting ability.

Retailers report that RapidShot adds revenue while players wait for skate sharpening. It is a great marketing tool for selling merchandise, but also a "product" in itself that generates additional revenue.

For the Rink Owner:

"Recently, I was in the RapidShot lane with a former NHL'er who played professionally for over 18 years. I saw the same excitement in his eyes that I see with a six year old."

Add primary and secondary revenue to your location by installing a RapidShot shooting lane in non-revenue producing space.

Don’t think you have space-we can assist in finding a suitable location!

If you host tournaments, shooting competitions can be preplanned for more revenue. Enhance your tournament brand name and increase attendance.

Offer idle parents and siblings something to do while waiting at the rink. Move the shooting with tape balls out of your lobby and into your RapidShot.

RapidShot is also a great draw for summer camps.

For the Hockey Association

“As a coach, I can attest to the benefits of the Rapid Shot machine. This is the most innovative teaching and training tool available!”

Want to build a better program, develop real snipers, and make money for your association? Install a RapidShot and the teams that can’t finish will be a thing of the past!

Ask your league executives to approve a surcharge on annual fees and offer shooting memberships for all skaters in your association. This will cover the costs - the rest is revenue for the association.

Additional revenue comes from visiting players and teams, during tournaments and camps. Distribute revenues back to the association!