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Inside RapidShot - Not Just A Radar Gun

The RapidShot Hockey Training System Is Patented, featuring an automatic conveyor system that collects and passes REAL, official hockey pucks. Shoot up to 800 pucks per hour. Like a batting cage for baseball, RapidShot is becoming a fundamental hockey training and assessment tool for players and coaches.

The RapidShot Hockey Training System is the most advanced, computerized technology available in the world for improving shooting skills.

RapidShot passes hundreds of pucks per hour, with details on every shot regarding accuracy, speed, and reaction time.

  • Minimum number of drives, bearings, parts and moving parts
  • Simple and quick set up by a qualified team
  • Minimal training time required for operation personnel
  • Low power requirements

As a result, RapidShot Hockey Training Systems can be installed at any site with 110V and 220V power supplies and high-speed internet access.

RapidShot Hockey Training System Components

Puck Magazine

The puck magazine can store up to 40 pucks.

Puck Parser

8 different pass intervals.

Passing Machine

8 different pass speeds.

Target Mat

Measures accuracy in the 4 corners.

Puck Conveyor

Automatic collection into the Puck Magazine.

RapidShot Keyboard

Select settings with gloves in hand.

RapidShot Hockey Training System - Features

Competition Mode

Competition Mode is the primary shooting mode. All four targets are indicated randomly and the scoring results enter the World Rankings.

Training Mode

In Training Mode, the target pattern is determined by the user. It is possible to select any single target or a combination of two targets, either alternately or randomly.

Regular Duel Mode

Two users can play against each other. Each user shoots a series (or set of series') and the high score wins. Players alternate back and forth through the set until one of them wins.

Handicap Duel Mode

The Handicap Duel Mode allows for competition between an experienced player and a novice, using a Handicap Factor.

Stick Testing Mode

The Stick Testing Mode allows the user to select up to 4 sticks to be objectively compared in a testing session. For the first time, hockey players can see from the data which stick works best for them, to compare shaft stiffness, curve, etc.

RapidShot Database and Software

The RapidShot Hockey Training System is based on the philosophy that the lane owner wishes to minimize the labor component of managing and overseeing the system. RapidShot provides a complete communications and accounting solution, that is easy for the lane owner and user friendly for the players.

RapidShot Administration

The RapidShot software/administration maintains all Member/Guest information and Time Accounts purchased. The owner may request any combination of time and dollars/hour. RapidShot issues the Member/Guest cards, which operate using bar code technology. A card reader is located right at the lane. When the user swipes the card in the card reader, the program finds all relevant data and displays it on the lane monitor. The shooting Series can begin immediately. Purchased time is counted down by the second via the program, while the lane is in use for that user.

RapidShot Network

All RapidShot centers have the same database structure, with their respective member and performance data maintained. Throughout the day, each center uploads its member tables to the RapidShot central server, including new members registered that day.