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RapidShot Now Headquartered in Ohio

RapidShot has recently been reorganized in North America, with new ownership and management. The company will continue to market the patented shooting system throughout Canada and the United States, while being headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland is centrally located around the hockey hotbeds in the north and Great Lakes areas; a few hours drive from Detroit, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Columbus, Hamilton, Chicago, St. Louis…

RapidShot has established a production site at the headquarters in Cleveland, which will begin full operations mid June 05.

RapidShot provides the most up-to-date training technology for hockey players. Our goal is to introduce the RapidShot shooting system to elite hockey programs, arenas and training facilities, making RapidShot an indispensable adjunct to hockey training. Hockey facilities and program owners will look to add prestige, a competitive advantage and a potential revenue stream by installing RapidShot into existing facilities.

We are now taking orders and scheduling installation dates. Please call or email for more information.

We also invite all former inquiries to contact us for immediate follow up.

Our new contact information is:

RapidShot North America, Inc.
440-286-2114 fax