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RapidShot is now an official partner with the German National Team in Munich

A new and exciting training device, RapidShot, has been installed at the Olympic Training and Sports Science Center in Munich for the elite athletes of the German National Team. RapidShot is a fully automated hockey shooting lane, which measures and gives feedback on the shooters reaction time, accuracy and puck speed.

The Sports Director for the German Hockey Federation, Franz Reindl, said, “We are convinced about the training value of this modern, fully automated training device. It is simple to use and to understand. It provides data on multiple shots, in the shortest time frame, documenting on a central computer how the puck is received, the reaction time, the accuracy and speed of the shot. The licensing partnership with RapidShot allows the DEB to utilize the product immediately for training.”

It was Ernst Hofner, the head trainer and former assistant coach, who initiated the introduction of RapidShot to the Olympic Training Center. He brings a new generation of training to the Hockey Federation and is delighted that so many elite athletes are already convinced about the value of RapidShot. “I am pleased that we can offer the latest training products to our athletes here at the Olympic Training Center. I have observed this device for years and am convinced that RapidShot is an optimal training tool…that will be incorporated firmly into the training routine of our athletes.”

NHL and German National Team player, Christoph Schubert (pictured above): "I train nearly daily at the new RapidShot and am really excited. I believe that this training brings something special to my routine and moreover, it’s fun!"

RapidShot North America, Inc., located in Cleveland Ohio, markets the RapidShot training device throughout the US and Canada. For more information, go to or call directly at 440-285-7913 or email