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10 Million Puck Promotion! Top Prize Reebok Hockey Equipment
...Head to Toe! Plus 16 Reebok "O-Stick" Winners.

RapidShot Members Shoot Over 1.2 Million Pucks in April!
...and the Winners are...!!!!

Top male is Paul Kosloski from Revolution Hockey in Dunmore, PA, shooting 25,059 pucks! Top female is Anissa Gamble from Boot Camp Conditioning in Fredericton, NB, shooting 15,110 pucks.

Many thanks to all the participants and to our sponsor RBK Hockey.

10 Million Puck Promotion Winners
The Head to Toe Winners
-Paul Kosloski25059Top Male - Revolution Hockey
-Anissa Gamble15110Top Female - Boot Camp
The 16 Stick Winners
1Aaron Moore9770Sniper Club
2Nick Brown7469Boot Camp
3Rachel Waugh 6501Boot Camp
4Grant West5460Boot Camp
5Craig Taylor5388Game Day Fitness
6Wyatt Stotts5075Sniper Club
7Davis Brown4912London Source for Sports
8Isaac Moore4853Sniper Club
9Rachel Piotrowski4090Game Day Fitness
10Evan Flanagan3950Game Day Fitness
11Matthew Piotrowski3925Game Day Fitness
12Patrick McCadden3429Hockey Academy of St. Louis
13Dylan MacNutt2676Boot Camp
14Craig Ganong2596Boot Camp
15Lou Jaros2405Honeybaked
16Garrett Stotts2355Sniper's Club

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