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"Thanks again for Setting up Rapidshot here at Dryland Training Center, that machine has worked wonders for me. when i first used Rapidshot i was shooting 45mph and at a .7 reaction time and now i can get some shots up to a .390 reaction time and some shots even 65mph. thanks again for everything you have done here for us at Dryland Training, AK."-Cobi

“That’s an amazing machine. I can see improvements just from that thing from the start of the year. If I had that when I was a kid, geez, hey look out.” Troy Bodie, Toronto Maple Leafs

"Recently, I was in the RapidShot lane with a former NHL'er who played professionally for over 18 years. I saw the same excitement in his eyes that I see with a six year old." Owner/Manager Jeff Kolcon, Maksymum Hockey, ESL Center, Rochester NY

"I train nearly daily at the RapidShot and am really excited. I believe that this training brings something special to my routine and moreover, it’s fun!" Christoph Schubert, NHL player, Ottawa

“RapidShot is addicting!” Repeated by shooters worldwide!

" .....I can tell you that my team has shot 86,331 shots for the year to date and all of my players have added anywhere from 3-4 mph on their shots, have shaved .2 to.3 tenths of a second on each of their reaction times. The accuracy they now have is better than any team I have seen in our age group. As far as the RapidShot machine, it has been a great investment for our team. I have nothing but great things to say." Head Coach/Trainer, Mike Hamilton, Honeybaked, Detroit, MI

“RapidShot is a key ingredient to staying on top and remaining current with the most advanced training tools for hockey.” Owner/Manager Jeff Kolcon, Maksymum Hockey, ESL Center, Rochester NY

"I want to start off with telling you again how much I love machine and what a great tool it is. We have had it for a while now and I started to take it for granted. However, now I am back with the little guys (98s), with 17 kids that have never been in the machine I am reminded already after 4 months what a great training tool this is. I can already see a dramatic improvement with there technique, shot and receiving of the puck." Head Coach/Trainer, Mike Hamilton, Honeybaked, Detroit, MI