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Jordan Eberle had a natural hat trick on Tuesday, scoring two of those goals within 9 seconds of each other. He is the AHL player of the month, for two consecutive months and had 20 points in the month of December, 2012. Also, he was just named “The Top Canadian World Juniors Player of the Past 40 Years”. Plus he gives great interviews on why he uses RapidShot...

Jordan Eberle Talks With OILERS NATION About His Training On RapidShot!

Interviewer Jason Gregor: You have a very good release. How much extra time do you spend in the off-season or even during the season just working on your shot?

Jordan Eberle: Lots. There’s a machine we use called the Rapid Shot where it passes you pucks. You pick targets, it’s great. It’s great for your release, great for your accuracy. I think those are the two biggest things. If you can get them off quick and accurate you’re gonna be a better shooter. At the end of the day, that’s what I want to be. It makes me mad in practice when you see guys just throwing it on net. I’ve always been a guy that’s wanted to shoot to score. You know, even in the first warm up when guys warm up the goalie I’m still trying to go bar and down. It’s just the guy I’ve always wanted to be, it just comes with scoring. It’s fun to score.

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