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Evan Klein - Player to watch

Earlier this year, the RapidShot team took notice of a young player who was taking thousands of shots on the RapidShot machine each month, his name is Evan Klein, and he has been steadily climbing the global rankings for his age group.

When we visited Victus Academy in Kitchener, Ontario, the coaching staff told us that Evan was known to score score goals from the blue line with wrist shots. He is 13 years old, and currently ranked 4th in the global rankings for his age group. He has taken over 17,000 shots on RapidShot and has no plans on slowing down any time soon.

We took a minute to catch up with Evan and ask how his training was going:

RapidShot: How old are you, where do you currently train, and what team do you play for?

Evan: I am currently 13 years old. I am training at Victus Academy. I play for the Waterloo Wolves Major PeeWee Select White.

RapidShot: How long have you been training on RapidShot? What is your favorite aspect of the system?

Evan: I have been training on the RapidShot since September 2016. My favorite aspect of the system would be seeing my score displayed on the computer screen. I can track my progress and improve my weaknesses as all the data is available online for me to see instantly.

RapidShot: How do you think it has translated to your game on the ice?

Evan: I feel the RapidShot has helped with my on ice game, improving my accuracy, reaction, and speed of my shot.

RapidShot: What do you like most about going to Victus Academy?

Evan: I really like going to Victus Academy for many reasons: The on-ice training I get is fantastic, along with the coaching from Jamie Israel, Joe Underwood & Ben Fanelli. I also like the conditioning classes, my coaches have taught me so much about strength training and nutrition. Coaches Justin Brooks and Neil Martin are fun and encouraging. And I can’t forget the small class sizes at Victus, this works for me cause I can get the help I need in my class quickly. I also like all the students at Victus Academy, everyone knows everyone and they are all friendly and nice.

RapidShot: What are your training plans for this summer?

Evan: I plan to do a lot of dryland training by playing Ball Hockey for the running, going to bike camp and having some on ice with Jamie Israel.

RapidShot: What do you love most about playing hockey?

Evan: It is hard to say why I love playing hockey, I just do! I love the competition of the game, my fellow team mates and the fun I have playing the game.

Thanks Evan! Have a great summer, and keep shooting!

-Mark and the RapidShot team