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RapidShot is the Best Residential Hockey Shooting Range

Help your son or daughter reach the next level.


RapidShot is the most efficient and effective tool for developing a young player’s shot. What if your child shot 10,000 pucks this year? Repetition builds muscle memory, which translates to game time performance. We recommend training on a RapidShot system near you, or consider adding a Residential RapidShot model to your basement or garage.

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Have Fun

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Our Partners Love their RapidShot Systems

Mike H.

Owner, CT.

“I can tell you the system works. My son has taken thousands of shots on the RapidShot, and his shot speed has increased over 10mph. He’s getting it off more quickly and accurately too. We’re excited for this upcoming season!”

Jeremy A.

Owner, ON.

“My boys are having a BLAST and getting better :). Just in case you have any inquiries looking to put in a home system in feel free to use us as a reference should anyone have questions.”

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