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Take your retail store to the next level and let customers feel the difference of a high-end stick.


We work with dozens of stores across North America, and their customers rave about testing sticks on the RapidShot system. As sticks have become more expensive, it’s become more important to find the right curve, flex, and kick point for your shot. 2.5 million sticks have been tested on RapidShot systems, and stores with a shooting lane quickly become a regular destination for customers, yielding more repeat business and higher sales volumes for store owners.


Attract more customers


Introduce new products


Sell more sticks

Wes H.

Store District Mgr., ON.

“We regularly have a line up at the front door during tournament weekends. The customers rush to the RapidShot when we open. We start the day busy, and we are busy all day.”

Dave H.

Hockey Dad, ON

“Anytime we are driving into the Toronto area, my son insists we stop at a Pro Hockey Life store to shoot on a RapidShot.”

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