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RapidShot Helps Hockey Trainers Increase Revenue

How many of your athletes work consistently on their shot and measure their improvement?


Probably not many. Most players take a passive approach to working on their shot either in their driveway or behind their garage. RapidShot enables a new approach through repetition and with a pass receipt/quick release. Shaving a half second off your release time is like adding 10mph to your shot when it comes to beating a goalie. As a trainer, you can see the data and assess a players shot in a standardized way as you help them get to the next level.

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Hockey player using the RapidShot

Our Partners Love their RapidShot Systems

Jamie L.

Owner and Trainer, PA

"The feedback we have gotten from our clients and parents has been an amazing thing to see! You should see the response we get from customers on their shots on the ice. Lots of goals scored and confidence gained. Thank you!"

Joey N.

Coach & Owner, OH.

"Our RapidShot has been a hit. We’ve had it for about a year now, and use it for every one of our camps, every one of our lessons. It’s an extremely important part of our shooting curriculum. When a kid gets that first lesson, he’s always coming back to see how he can improve his shot."

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